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Please add an option for graphics. At least being able to turn shadows off would significantally improve my FPS

Are there any news on this game? or on dynalinx?

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when I boot it up. it only shows me a black screen.

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it is not working

but looks grate

DM me and I will try and help you get it installed. Do you meet the min device requirements outlined?

Wish there was Linux version

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I'm sorry. There won't be a linux version anytime soon. We are working on a major engine update though - I'd love for you to try it out. 

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I will absolutely try it out once theirs a Linux version because from thee looks of it this is what I've been waiting for (and trying and failing to make in the game engine I use) and my computer meets all the requirements except the windows part.

We will do our best launching this on other platforms, we've been prioritizing our time on the tech - we are spread kind of thin at the moment...

what are the controls for BB-8 because i don't have a controler and im stressed about the controls

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Hi, Did you take a look at our video tutorials? This should help:

I will be doing a Youtube video myself on this, just as soon as i can wrap my old brain around the movement functions lol


Did you ever make that youtube video?

looks cool 

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Is this game for top shaggers like me?

Lol...Go for it!

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dose the game reqire internet?

No ;) 

Is it a safe download, is there anything to be worried about?? (wont download till i get  response)

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Hi, It's a safe download :) We have a good amount of people playing Dynamo. I think in terms of the user with the black screen issue, it's something to do with their registry prior to installing. If you are having any issues, please connect with us on our community or IM us on our website. We will do our best to help! 

Ok, just needed to make sure.


Hello! I loved playing Dynamo on my channel. Is there a way to get the other kits like the horse? I only seem to be able to make the droids at the moment.

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Hey Josh! Love the video…super cool & thank you for trying Dynamo :) Yea, we will be releasing more kits shortly. It would be awesome to see more kit build videos from you. If you can DM me or contact me via our website…I will send you over some interesting kits we plan on releasing shortly to play with...It would be cool to get your thoughts on them as well. 

When it comes to the Dark Side and the evil droid, you can add any of the mechanisms you build into that kit. Simply, add the mechanism parts from any kit to your scene with the evil droid.  

Thank you! I'd love to check out some more kits. I can't seem to find contact info on your website, do you have an email? Mine is

I also have a yt channel and would like to show it. the only reason holding me back is the lack of kits

We weren't expecting this kind of response this quickly :) - Hit me up on our community portal or twitter  and I will shoot you over some kits! 

hey I have submitted a sign-up and am waiting for it to be verified

So I was pretty excited when I saw this but then I got in and tried it out. The game looks nice and all but there's a lot of little issues. The camera/movement is pretty bad, being stuck on a 2d plane in 3d space is pretty dissatisfying, it might not be a bad idea to have an actual player character in the space that would allow for some more intuitive movement in the building space or some vertical movement such as wasd in relation to camera instead of the fixed plane or ascend/descend buttons. The prefab builds are also less interesting than I had hoped, it seemed little more than find part, grab part, press space and it assembles itself. I can see this being an interesting novelty with some logic behind getting the thing moving, but for building I found it a bit lacking. There was also some weird skipping with my cursor as if it were lagging that made it difficult to move and select parts and some resolution/window type options would help too.

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Hi! You can move up and down via R & F on the keyboard. You should be able to move pretty freely…Let me know if that helps? We designed controls around typical First-Person. You can also access the controls via settings (icon) for keyboard/mouse or game controllers. I just posted a link to a visual of the controls. We wanted to make things simple to start with kits and getting a hang of our visual programming interface for simulation. We will be releasing more complex kits and programming actions. Thanks for your feedback!