Super Crazy Journey....Launch Time!!!

After a super crazy journey, we are really excited to launch Dynamo...Get It Now! 

We've packed Dynamo with a variety of kits to easily get you going. Can you achieve "Bot Builder" status? 

Dynamo removes the complex technical barriers to allow anyone to create what we call “Live Digital Reality” simulations. We created new technology that gives you the power to physically interact with anything in real-time.

We realize we still have a long way to go but we've been working non-stop on Dynamo and have been wanting to get this into your hands for some time now. We’re still ironing some things out, but let us know what you think by tweeting @playdynmo3d, joining our community, replying to this thread, or by simply enjoying it :).

There is a lot more to come...

We read every piece of feedback we receive and are very thankful for anything you're willing to share. Please enjoy!

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